May 7, 2010

A massive decrease in maturity

December 3rd was my last post.

December 3rd of last year. * goes to check calendar*

Five months of inactivity!

Update... *snigger* It's so cute how I think people read this blog willingly.

So I *unsurprisingly* put on a LOT of weight over the past months and I have no inclination to lose it because food is so friggen delicious when it's consumed at 6 am in the morning. Especially when no one's looking.

I have *unwillingly* become a lapdog for someone I don't even like. Nothing new really. Just wanted to let people know that Nurul is capable of not liking people.

(Take the time to do a double triple quadruple take. ... Done? Excellent)

I am a year older and ten years more immature. Now see that's not surprising is it? I hardly think so either but just had to make sure people remember that.

My renewed love for Michael Buble makes me tingly all over. Yes, I do believe he does too many covers more than originals but come least he's no Westlife. (Oh no she din't! *whipping sound*)

Random TV show list!

How I Met Your Mother - Ted!! Stop making bad decisions!! Barndoor...oh he cracks me up.
The Big Bang Theory - Make Sheldon smile, make babies cry, make me laugh!
Accidentally On Purpose - BABY!!
Supernatural - Fight already you incestuous comment inducing hotties!
The Vampire Diaries - Elena does not deserve either one of the Salvatore brothers. She just doesn't.
Glee - Make Sue dance more! And pile on the 'You're a Slut' and hair insults for Will Schuester!
Romantically Challenged - Alyssa Milano is coming back as an older version of Sam! How could this ever go wrong? :D

And of course if the date is indicative of anything, it's this. I am expected to act according to an increase of digits in my birth years. I know, tough. But, I'm not going to justify it by being a lazy sloppy baby! I'll try and try I will. As Yoda articulated, Try, there is no do :p (of course I know he didn't say that. That was obviously a line from Star Trek. ^^) wrap it all up, it's been an awesome five months. See what I did there? That's sarcasm.

I'm making up a resolution. To stick to the resolutions I have made.

Post number 64...

I can't wait for what I can come up with for my 69th post!


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