June 6, 2009

Do Not Read If Bored ^^

My cousin asked this of me:

"Why the hurry?"

If I were to give her a detailed explanation on that small piece of paper, I'd have needed twenty more of that piece of paper to really explain why I was in a hurry.

Not so sure but I think I wrote the answer in this very blog...but never mind. I need to remind myself why anyway.

*clears throat*

Looking at my mother, my sisters, a few of my close friends, some of my teachers, my aunts, my cousins...and all I can think of was how jealous I feel whenever they get to caress their husband's face, cuddle in their arms when they have had a bad day, link their fingers with each other when they step out of their houses and lastly, how jealous I feel that they have someone in their life that they can truly and unconditionally depend on.

Yeah yeah, those who believe in women's rights who are reading this please don't bash me. I may sound like some child who has no backbone who needs another person's support in life. So sue me. I am a big believer of marriage. I want to be a young housewife with eleventy seven kids waiting for her husband to come home so that all of us can sit down at the dinner table and eat while talking about our anything under the sun.

Some might think I'm naive to think that marriage can guarantee me safety, security, presence of love and belonging. Maybe I am, but why can't I be? I'm a Muslim and I have read countless of Islamic books that foretell peace and love in marriage and I believe that. Happy marriages in my own circle of family and friends are testimony to that as well.

Women want to believe that they can take care of themselves but deep down they're always going to feel something missing in their lives and for me...I don't want to miss that little something. I don't want to feel inadequate anymore, if you know what I mean.

Why the hurry?

Why not? I'm twenty years old. If I were living in the 40s or earlier, I'd be an old maid already.
Maybe I just don't want to grow old alone; be the weird aunt my nieces and nephews don't want to sit with because she smells like cats.

Meh. I have plenty of reasons but none I can divulge since it's 12 25 am and I am oh so tired.


  1. 'eleventy seven' sounds like something i would say :)

    i miss you NU. and i want to get married soon too. the prospects of lying in bed with someone all day and just talk about random things intrigue me.

    wait, i already do that!

    with izzi :)

  2. eleventy seven IS what you would say but...I guess I took that :)

    I miss you too, iman. Too damn much. And yes...that idea intrigues me too...and I don't even have an izzi to do it with...

    Darn it. I NEED TO SEE YOU SOON!!

  3. the reasons you have suffice what every women wants secretly, but not all have the guts to stand up and say.

  4. i'll see you this weekend ok? breakfast on sunday.


  5. marriage does guarantee all that u said..

  6. are you agreeing or asking?

    Because if you're agreeing then thank you :D

    If you're asking then....well...YEAH!

  7. u have my 100% support in all you said nu. I am in ultimate agreement. Ahh...

  8. Why would anyone ever want to get married? Seriously, it's...okay, maybe I would. A lot. And have a football team of kids. So what! lol

  9. Can't believe you still read my blog, Mr C but thanks for dropping by and...that football team has just started ;)

  10. Of course I still read it! Gotta see if you say anything bad about me after all. :P And I do love the football team.

  11. You're in serious trouble if anyone reads too much into that comment Mr C. :p
    And why the heck would I say anything bad about you? Have I ever?? Really??!! :p

  12. NuNu!! Lets get married together then!! LoL

    but no worries k? remember our convo when we were at KLCC? Just keep those feelings for your husband. you'll be a great wife. i mean it :D

  13. :D thank u honey
    i shall propose to you when we see each other :D