November 22, 2010

With Only The Grace of Allah Can We Learn

In regards to this heinous comment left by a disbeliever, ( this is my reply.

Freedom of speech is no longer truth spoken out loud. To be fair, there may be some things in this world left to be spoken about; genocide, abortions, animal rights...those are valid points in lieu of freedom of speech. But when it comes to condemning a beautiful and amazingly pure religion such as Islam, freedom of speech is viewed rather in bias. When Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or what of you are condemned, the common reply to that would be slander. It would be vicious condemnation or cruelty towards the religion and when it comes to plaguing Islam, it's freedom of speech?

I digress.

The beauty of this religion, as a Muslimah myself, I am thoroughly well protected. I am covered because Allah wishes not for just anyone to see my beauty. I am at home because Allah wishes for me to be able to take care of my children the best possible way. My husband or father is my caregiver and all I have to do is submit myself to the one and only Allah. Women are promised Jannah by being a dutiful daughter, a humble servant to Allah and a respectful wife. Our only challenge is childbirth.

As stated in the article linked, he mentioned women being stoned and 'raped and discarded when the husband feels like it'. Naudzubillahi min dzalik. Wallahi in all my life, none of the married women I personally knew have ever been subjected to such cruelties. All my sisters in law and my sister are well taken care of by their husbands and masya Allah they are well adjusted, their children perfectly fine.

Needless to say, if you have the absolute need to condemn a religion, the least you could do is get a good research done on it and not just rely on the information you get from one sided documentaries and movies or TV shows that clearly portray a ludicrous version of what Islam truly is.

Wallahu a'lam bissawab.

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  1. Excellent! Our enemies can say what they like, If we believe in the right and follow it, InshAllah we go to Jannah. Who'll be laughing then??