September 17, 2009

My baby!



Did you miss me? I highly doubt it. But newsworthy moment right here. I know I didn't even say that the laptop I was using got messed up big time but it did. Cracked in the corner, flowery (gross) design climbing up the side of the laptop screen courtesy of my nose picker and my maggi mee baby.

I have finally acquired a new laptop. Yes. My own. Well...technically mum's since she paid the bulk of it but some actually came from money I had saved up and also money that I got after I sold a bulk of my stuff. No not on eBay. I'm very ancient that way.

Went through the rough and tough of Comex just to get the best price for it. All worth it. Because...unlimited use and Mr C ^^

Currently my nose picker is rolling around between my legs like a cat trying to find a good spot to sleep. And he has my phone so he's quiet.

Back to laptop. Wanna see my new baby?

Isn't he precious? He's my new Mr D.


  1. about time! congrats on your new laptop, I'm still waiting for my first one.

    By the bye, what is a 'nose picker'? doesn't sound very wholesome :D

  2. It's my nephew. He likes to pick his nose.

  3. waiting for my first one too..hmmmm

  4. Nose picker rocks! And Mr D? Should I worry about having some of the affection you have for me being stolen by an inatimate object?

  5. Who said anything about it being stolen?

  6. so there's a mr c & mr d....
    any a & b?