November 13, 2009

60 :D

*blows imaginary dust off blog* long gitu haven't updated this blog. Heh. I wonder if I still have readers. perasan. ReaderS. Don't even think people read this blog at ALL.

Nehmind. Anyway!

Updates on my life.

I'm one day away from finishing my diploma :D And I got an A for my grad project Whee!

Moving to JB by THE END OF NEXT YEAR. Why the emphasis? Well. BeCAuse. I haven't packed, I don't want to pack, not that I have a lot to pack anywho, ;) and the house isn't ready yet and there isn't a fixed date WHEN we're moving so yeza.

Are there any heterosexual males out there willing to marry a crazy fat chick just so she could stay in Singapore? I'm rootin for one particular heterosexual male from a certain country somewhere who has issues to settle but right now I am willing to take ANY takers. If you are a woman who wants to marry me, feel free to don a wig and put socks in your drawls and ask muh daddy for my hand. I'LL DO ANYTHING

*clears throat*

Moving on. >.>

I have a niche for [in?] baking apparently. So with my sisters' help, we might start a moving bakery :D THAT will be for Johor. Pergh...Johor. What a taboo word.

I've found people I truly and deeply love unconditionally.

Nak tengok? Wanna see? *Want to see in seven different languages*? [apparently signs are universal]

Aren't they gawjus? Blogverse, meet Amala and Fatima. Stalk them. They deserve it.

I wuv them. I weeli doo.

What other updates...

AH! It's almost the end of the year and you know what? I managed to get four out of eight things on my resolutions list done :D

I won't say which ones BUT one of them has gotten me grinning from ear to ear. *insert creepy laugh*

I need to friggen DRIVE!

60th post :D


  1. Any takers huh? Oh, this cuts me deep babe, cuts me real deep. :P

  2. You know I only live for you, Mr C :p