July 29, 2009

Learn to not question it

Mr C: true. besides, it is your fault for making me go to mush
realityaddicted: i hardly think it's my fault
realityaddicted: who was the one who said it first?
realityaddicted: who was the one who started turning on the charms?
Mr C: who was the person who made the other person do all that? lol
Mr C: wait, did I say it first?
realityaddicted: DUDE
realityaddicted: All I asked was for you to tell me something you haven't told me
Mr C: oh yeah!
Mr C: see
Mr C: your fault!
realityaddicted: how was I supposed to know you were gonna tell me what you told me
realityaddicted: I mean
realityaddicted: I had expected you to tell me that you were afraid of mold or something
Mr C: haha, so I surprised you there
realityaddicted: surprise doesn't even cover it
Mr C: well, I do like surprising you

realityaddicted: Nice
realityaddicted: Something nice about you
realityaddicted: Can't think of anything nice to say about you
realityaddicted: Because....
realityaddicted: You're not nice
realityaddicted: You're my brand of perfection
realityaddicted: You're not nice
realityaddicted: You're amazingly sweet
realityaddicted: You're not nice
realityaddicted: You're everything that's right

realityaddicted: If you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they'd never ask you to.
realityaddicted: Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you I had no control over.
realityaddicted: Love is never wanting to lose faith, never wanting to give up, and never truly moving on. Love is knowing and praying in the deepest part of what's left of your heart that they feel the same.
Mr C: yep, I am a sap. I love those quotes
Mr C: but, I am your sap
realityaddicted: Yes you are
Mr C: the second is my favourite
realityaddicted: yesh i thought it was appropriate
realityaddicted: Love - a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker.
Mr C: haha, I like that one
Mr C: where did you get all these?
Mr C: Love is waking up thinking of her, going to bed thinking of her, and spending all day hoping for just a fleeting moment of her time, so for that one moment, life is good.
realityaddicted: the innernet
realityaddicted: that's sweet
realityaddicted: where'd you find THAT
Mr C: well...
Mr C: about one minute ago, I wrote it

Mr C: ok, I am a little bit scared. lol
Mr C: being with you is a bit like being with a mafia girl, I'm starting to think. lol
realityaddicted: well
realityaddicted: Aren't I worth it all?
Mr C: you're worth a lot more

Mr C: so, you don't need me to remind you anymore?
realityaddicted: when have i ever asked you to remind me
Mr C: oh, so you don't need me to say it anymore?
Mr C: good to know
realityaddicted: (roll eyes icon)
Mr C: wise arse

Mr C: you know babe, I'm starting to get the impression
Mr C: that you are very popular, got a lot of people who love you
realityaddicted: eh?
Mr C: the girl who won't get a chance to break my neck, lol, all your friends, other people who are quite happy to put the hurt on me
realityaddicted: uhm...
realityaddicted: ok?
Mr C: it's just reminding me, that if I ever do something stupid and hurt you
Mr C: I should go into hiding
Mr C: lol. I like my various body parts, I don't wish to lose them!

Mr C: but, in my case, it's cause I'm hopeless, and need taking care of. lol

Mr C: nah, I'm not silly
Mr C: I'm yours

Mr C: hey! you know you're my highlight!
realityaddicted: Does that mean I glow?
Mr C: well, you sure do a lot of things.

My daily sitcom.


  1. well...
    for a figment of your imagination... its getting serious...

  2. Serious? Huhu...I highly doubt it's serious...
    What do you think Mr C?

  3. Uh...yeah...is it just me or do I sound a bit like an idiot? Just curious, is all. :P

    You should have told me that would would post all this, I would have put some effort in, to sound all smooth and charming!

  4. Oh hush. It's perfect the way it is :p

  5. You're nuts Phoenix, you're an absolute Nut! God! I can't stop laughing at the description of Love though, and I like Mr:C's description of it too.

    good job Phoenix

  6. "the girl who won't get a chance to break my neck" ??? How lovely to know that I am remembered that way. Oh please. Yes, I do hope he has this fact ingrained forever in his mind. I'm only one grade away from a black belt in taekwondo!

  7. Oh, so you can hurt me?!

    Please don't! I can't fight a girl, it's unfair! Nu! You can fight for me! :P

    I'll be good, don't you worry.

  8. I'm not going to fight my own daughter!

  9. OMG!!! i thought i sent a comment and now its all gone. oh well i'll type it again.


    i dont know what to say. well actually i have something to say.
    nunu, im so VERY, Utterly, SUPER, UBERLY HAPPY for you!!!

    well i hope im at least 2nnd in your heart since someone has already taken my place :P

    ARGH!! this makes me want to Singapore right now!!! >.<

    I seriously cant stop smiling here :D

    Today is a good day indeed and right now ur favourite song is playing in my iTunes Sugar, Sugar. well its one of your favourite :P