July 6, 2009


I hurt too. I have a heart that can break too. I have feelings that can be hurt too. Even in this situation, there's the reciprocation between two parties.

I can't stress enough on how hurt I am right now. How my heart has broken. And how my feelings are hurting right now.

Yes drama ensues in the life of the drama queen.

On a lighter note. My brother's getting married this Friday. Jubilations abound. No school either :D Hope it goes well.


  1. May Allah bless your brother, we gotta patiently wait our turn! if ever.

  2. ugh....TELL me about it. funny i have no patience :p

  3. NuNu, bong said dont get married yet!! wait for a few more years~ well obviously he doesnt know what u really wanted since way before. lol

    anyway, he said hi (:

  4. why bong want to marry me is it? then come here ask me!! huhuhu