July 5, 2009

My Mother, The Celebrity

Seeing my old school, old mates and old teachers was awkward. Not to mention the fact that I went in there as a guest; I was my grandmother's granddaughter, the legendary first woman principal of Alsagoff apparently. My mother was a celebrity (double giggle) and all I could do was nod and shake hands with her fans, identifying myself as her daughter.

Exclamations of how big I've grown were made ("Yes I stuff myself with oil-laden chips every now and then because my mother loves me. Ha ha."), askance of what I'm doing, when I'll get married and what will I be doing after I'm done with what I'm currently doing were answered and then time to go home.

Oh funny funny bus incident. Only me mum and myself know it and it will never leave my lips. My promise to me mum. Anyone who wants to know go ask my mummy. Don't worry, she won't bite. Much.

Feeling slightly tired right now. Oh eyes. Have you finally adjusted to Mr. C's timing? Great...


  1. A silly comment. But I rather think it obvious that you are your grandmother's granddaughter. I mean you won't be your grandmother's daughter or something! :D, i'm bored.

  2. Dude if you really knew who my grandmother was then you'd understand my statement but just for the sake of entertaining your boredom, I salute your comment.

  3. ohmygoshh. I didnt know your grandmother was the first woman principal of Al-Sagoff! and hey, im an ex-al-sagoff-ian(?!) too:)

  4. Hat off to you, Lady! and your grandmother, and your mother, and to anyone with any connexion to you. I salute back!

  5. Yasmin? You were in Alsagoff too?? WHEN!?? I should have seen you before but I don't recall! Wow...small world small world