April 16, 2009

For My Lesbian Luvrrr

Watched an epic movie today. Chinese some more. Got Choi Siwon...huhu. He was a very convincing prince cept for the fact that his bulging eyes creeped me out a bit. But when he died, I wanted to cry. I kid you not.

Battle of the Wits, I think it's called. Andy Lau played the main character; a change agent as Dr. Fong has called him; in layman terms, counselor.

So when it was done, we were broken down to groups to discuss the Systemic Perspective of the movie and link 5 scenes with Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Pavlov and Skinner's conditioning theories. Joy to the world eh?

On other notes...my lesbian luver is sick. (MY POOR BABY!) I dedicate this post to you.
And also this song. Just for you my lovely.


  1. thanks babyyy and the guy sings so wellll!!! (:

  2. maslow's hierarchy of needs?!
    i did that... cant remember wth it was tho...
    does it hv sth to do with the things ppl need to survive?
    like basic needs, emotional needs & all that?

  3. Jo: yes baby! :D

    Kakak: yes indeedio

  4. hehehehe... choi siwon!!! yeaaa!!!
    hehehe... he's from super junior rite?

    mommy, i miss you!
    your youngest daughter.

  5. YAAAAA I hate you. Gile lame tak contact.
    Okay of course I don't hate you. Lve lve lve you very the muchly. miss you too baby!