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July 3, 2009

Very Freakish Habit


So today was a fun day. Went out with my two main girls and we had a lot of fun. I lost my voice because of screaming and laughing throughout our time at the snooker cafe.

We were subjected to China guys and Fuddy got checked out by this weird guy who had a very freakish habit of opening his mouth widely. Funny thin was that Fuddy was interested more in his friend; purple guy. Purple guy was keeeeeeeyooooooot!!! :)~

Lala used the pussy stick too much but apparently she likes it so we just let her play with it.

I didn't win. Well I did win once but that was only because Fuddy pocketed the 8 ball too early in the game. Lala and Fuddy basically pwned me

Too tired to think of anything else right now...will possibly cont this tomorrow...MAYbe :D


  1. haha..i suck at it too..
    fuddy ??? >_> haha.."kantoi"

  2. LOL

    No no...there's another Fuddy in my life. Older than OUR Fuddy :D