June 17, 2009

More Than

If you're reading this, it's a three part story :D

First is for Mr Jacob, our favorite cracker. :D

So today, Jake decided to go out with our usual group and so KTV was the answer *giggle* invitations were made and then Jacob gave a suggestion to ask Venus and Kat and they all and Jacob rarely invites people so Jing, Fuddy, Jo, me and even Bobby urged him to ask Venus and Kat. Venus was out of the class so it was just Kat and so we prodded him to ask but he refused to do it.

I'm not exactly sure which one of us started it but somehow, all of us started teasing him, telling him that it's not like he's asking her on a date or whatever. And that escalated to us making it a huge deal. Bobby and I even did the whole 'Greatest Pick-Up Line Ever' scene from HIMYM. And so we ALL decided maybe Jake had a thing for Kat. He's been REPRESSING it all this while that's why he didn't want to ask her and all. It was hilarious and it was one of the "You have to be there" situations.

So all the way to Bugis, we teased him and Kat. We went to Pastamania! (yes there's an exclamation mark in there, I kid you not ;) ) and that's when they decided to go to Fish&Co where Kat works for dinner. Jake even didn't eat at Pastamania! coz he said he was 'saving for later'. LOL!

We kinda nixed the whole KTV thing and went to play pool.

Okay part two of this story is kinda digressing the whole Kat/Jacob arc but Cracker's still in it because he did something way awesome!!

So we were all playing pool and Jake and me were deciding who was going to be who's wingman when Venus kept staring at this kinda good looking dude with a blue sweater thingie with a shirt and tie. FYI, I hated his hair. Anyway, Venus meant to say she was staring because it looked weird on the dude, a tie and then his aviators hanging on the open button thing. It was a fashion faux pas or something. Then Fuddy asked what was going on and we told her and she thought he was good looking too so Jake and I decided that he was gonna be Venus' wingman and I would be Fuddy's. (Haaaave you met *insert name*)

Jing Wen then challenged Jake and said: He's not gonna do it lah he's just a pussy. And Jake stood up and defended himself and all saying he would do it. Then Jing challenged him to say: Tell him I'm gay and I'm interested in him.


Jake did. The guy said okay and it was funny that both Jing and the guy were off their game instantly *LOL*
but the damn awesome thing was that Jake ACTUALLY did it!!
I think Barney Stinson has effected our favorite cracker :D I don't mind really, he's finally come out. :D (take that in any way you want :D )

okay so anyway part three of the story happened when they all went to Fish&Co and like half an hour or so ago, Venus texted me and told me Jake dedicated More Than Words to Kat at F&C!!! OH.EM.GEE!!!

Talked to Fuddy and Jing and both credited Jake and both asked me to blog about it so here it is. GOSSIP ALL AROUND TOMORROW PEOPLE!!! rawr :D


  1. what i'd like to know is...

    what the HELL is rawr?

  2. no i'm effing serious la

    i have no idea what it means

  3. it's just something i like to say la

  4. truth is jacob is really the brand of biscuit i always buy. kong guan sucks =(

  5. lol

    Actually I like Jacob's also but prefer Julie's :D