June 1, 2009

He does

how does one handle rejection?

by talking to old friends about inane things?

by getting new friends and talk to THEM about inane things?

by going all out crazy with other girl members of the family?

by sleeping all hours then waking up for a bit and sleeping some more?

Or how about

by pushing everyone away and crying at odd places like the toilet?

by writing useless nonsense like THIS particular blog post?

by trying to reach out to people only to shy away because you're afraid they might be too busy and would not like it if you bothered them?

by eating yourself into oblivion? (i can't help but giggle at this :D)

mmm so many options.

it's a wonder how other people can actually commit suicide just because their girlfriends broke up with them.

Allah's always listening, isn't He?

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