December 3, 2009

Stale Nachos

On a lighter note. Saw New Moon today. It monumentally sucked and disappointed. Blergh. Cinematography inches better but execution wise? COULD BELLA SWAN STOP TWITCHING???!!!!

And what is UP with Robert Pattinson's wooden acting??

The bulk of the movie was horrifying. Cheesy lines, cheesier moves and seriously...they need to change Bella's actor. Twitching is NOT by ANY circumstances acting!

They miraculously gave Alice more reeltime so I was quite glad. And Jacob Black. Hello eight pack! I love the wolf pack. The transformation was quite flawless albeit so impossibly CGI. What I was expecting, I don't know but it wasn't so bad :)

Jasper's attack scene, Paul and Jacob's fight scene, Victoria's appearance, the vampire/werewolf 'scuffle', the Volturi scene all captured my attention fully. But other than that, I was just slumped down in my seat muttering to the screen and avoiding glares from tweens who practically filled up the entire 50 seater cinema.

The stale nachos were good though.

1 comment:

  1. Nu! New Moon rocked! Where is your taste babe? Seriously!

    And I so knew you were going to perve on the wolf pack.