April 3, 2009


I feel like my eyes are going to fall out of the sockets. I have been crying like hell since you left Singapore.

You had the effing nerve to tell me ON THE DAMN PHONE that you were never scheduled to leave on the 4th. It was YESTERDAY.

You're such a bass turd lah, dodol.

You tell me you broke up with that...human because that human can't handle the long distance and then you know what that human did? That human texted me saying it was MY BLOODY FAULT that you're going to Amsterdam or Brussels or Spinach...WHEREver European country to work for your mentor. MY FAULT??!! How the hell is it my fault?

I blame you lah, you fish sh*t.

You just don't get anything through that thick inabsorbent head of yours that everything will change. You don't plan ahead. You dump responsibilities on me like I'm your babu. Give me a day's notice only.

You tire me you know you....aquatic life poop.

It doesn't matter to you that I have a life to lead.


Next you'll be telling me that you like living in Orange or whatever...and you're not coming back until you get a European spouse like you always dreamt.

Callous stupid blockheaded finned animal faeces.

I want to tell you that you're a certain human anatomy but you already know that because I remind you every single time we talk but you TRULY are a certain human anatomy lah, dumb dumb (you want some gum gum?)

I hope you have a good time doing your slave labour.

Wo aini ya. A little bit but not too much. Just enough...

Come back soon