April 4, 2009

Twirling His Umbrella, Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh

Dr Fong's tutorial yesterday opened up a bit of my mind. We discussed middle child syndrome, APA membership and schizophrenia among other things.

In the beginning of class, he made everyone laugh like nothing when he said: "EH! Paper!" elongating the 'per' part of the word. He took it and smiled that smile of his. Damn funny lah he.

Then he stole an umbrella and opened it in front of the class and starts to twirl it in his hands as we start the class. Honestly, there's nothing this man won't do to get us to interact with him in class.

He admitted to the fact that he was a screw up. That one made me laugh a lot. He said something along the lines of "If you're so screwed up, what for want to show people that you're perfect?" then he starts talking in such a weird accent, trying to sound like a pompous lecturer. Then when he finished his act (he actually explained everything we were talking about previously in that weird accent he put on) he just went "Haiyaaa!" I shook my head a lot in that class seriously.

Then he gave us this question on what is the difference between problem and change. My group which thankfully consisted of smart people and cute people alike and then me. :p sad
So we were discussing about it when Dr Fong just said one word and all of us were like "THAT'S WHAT WE SAID!" in not so many words. We were basically all saying the same thing about that one word. Cheh...
Jing Wen was blardy adorable just looking at us girls talking about it when he suddenly asked what it was we were talking about. Haiyo...If I can pinch your cheeks, you'd have bruises everyday, Jing Wen. And I STILL believe it's TOFU!! OH! When he pouted, I couldn't stop laughing. It was too cute!! That boy will be the death of me, truly.

I am so sleepy...but right now The Zack Attack is killing me. He likes to screw with me a lot......damn you The Zack Attack. Well...not that I'm complaining. :p You know I love you, mate.


  1. Whoever this The Zack Attack is, he sounds awesome! Come on, tell us more about him!

  2. I don't think his ego would fit through the door if I talk any more about him, Superman