February 18, 2009

Three Simple Words


There're so many ways to say it
And only few I know
There's Ich liebedich in German
In plain English you will know

Guminavo zou diao in Sabah
Wo aini in Chinese
Uhibbuka in Arabic
But I'll just say it in English

Mahal kita in Tagalog
Dosetdaram the Persians say
Je t'adore in romantic French
In English another way

S'agapo in Greek is how they declare
Sarangheyo the Koreans word
Saya sayang awak the Malays all swear
But those languages to me are absurd

Aishiteru the Japanese assert
Te Amo, the Latinos convey
Te Ubesk Romanions orate
I really think they just can't say

In English language it's so easy
Though Chan Ruk khun is in Thai
But now that it's the end of the poem
It would be hard to say goodbye

At last the last verse is here
And remember this is true
This feeling I will preserve so dear
In English, I love you

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