February 18, 2009

First Time


I don't know what made me look twice
"Maybe because of his smile," would suffice
Or maybe because he's so nice when he talks
It's definitely positively not his weird walks

But something just really struck me that day
I just couldn't make myself look away
I couldn't talk and I couldn't speal
I think maybe if I did I would squeak

Once he had said something so neat
That my heart just went on and skipped a beat
I hope I can forget all the things he said
But my head just won't stop whirring when I'm in bed

And on my bed is a different matter
My brain is telling me that I'm a complete natter
I even bring him home to my dreams sometime
A natter I am, it should be a big crime

But I still don't know why I fell
It seems like I've been put under his spell
I guess I'll just wait till I know
Just why I have fallen in love with him so


  1. heheh.... i dunno abt u but whenever i look at my old journals i cringe! wish time travel was possible so tht i cld jotos my 16 yo self! 16 17 18 19 20 21 if i were perfectly honest! hai... the stoopid things we do whn we're young!

  2. Thanks for the background comment. Appreciated. I love it too
    I cringed too! My ideas were everywhere and I was so bloody jiwang and so...blegh.
    Not that I'm any better now but still!! I don't write poems about being in love!! Yech.
    But I like this poem somehow...huh