February 18, 2009

Not a Loreal Ad

American Idol season 8.

I know it's so wrong for me to write up this blog post but gosh darnit, the talent is brimming on the sides.

Surprising talent of the season; Anoop Desai!
Iman is totally and devastatingly obsessed with the man.
If you've ever watched Anoop's harmonizing group The Clef Hangers, you'll understand her obsession.

The next is 16 year old Stevie Wright. With her, it wasn't surprising. More of a: WOW quality to her voice when she sang Etta James' "At Last" for her audition. She immediately became my favorite after finishing her song.

And last but by no measure the least...
His story broke my heart. His wife died weeks before his auditions. His best friend was opted out in favour of him...it's all so sad
But then he belts out a Mariah Carey original, which previously David Cook attempted and like David Cook, he nailed it.
I present to you, the one the only...*sigh drool swoon* Danny Gokey

Je t'adore Danny Gokey.
He can do no wrong in my eyes...singing-wise I mean.
If...no WHEN he wins...or at least when he comes up with a CD, bet your bottom dollar that I'll be in line to buy it :D
I can't sing his praises enough. I LOOOVE what he does to me when he's on screen.

Because he's worth it.


  1. ANOOP IS SO WORTH IT OK! anoooooooooopppp all the way! did i tell you i voted? hah, i voted. haha.

  2. I never said he wasn't
    And yes you told me plenty times that you voted.
    If he doesn't win, then it's America's fault.
    HE SANG ANGEL OF MINE!! Shivers ran down my spine, I tells ya

  3. yknw wat? look out for a boy name Saddiq for the next season of American Idol.. U surely won't wanna miss him!! hahaha

  4. no, m SERIOUS!! cheng told me himself! he even signed up for it!

  5. that is just so not right
    I'd vote for him lah if he goes through the semi finals
    support kawan maaaaaaaaaaaah