February 17, 2009

A surprise

It's 4 08 am GMT +8 here in Singapore as I'm typing this down.

An hour ago, I decided to rummage through my old notebooks and journals and I found the three that I used to carry around with me everywhere I went when I was still in school. And it's decided that I was a very peculiar young adolescent. My emotions were everywhere! It was like being on a rollercoaster. All the nauseating twists and turns and jerks included.

I digress.

I was reading page by page of one of the notebooks and I found this one piece I wrote 2.5 years ago. So here goes.

(No corrections or edits have been made. This was me when I was 17)


In my opinion, true love can never be penned in words whether it be typed, drilled in stones or...penned down.

It has to be felt. By hearts owned by two people who can be rendeered speechless when asked how they're feeling.

Even if it has to be worded, cliches are best lines they can use. Okay, maybe not to the extent of crossing a sea of fire (never good to use an oxymoron) or being ready to go to the moon and back (it costs too much to build a rocket that will help you land on a moon). Lines like "you set my heart ablaze with unbridled passion" or "nothing human can be compared to your beauty" or the simple "I love you so much."

You must be scoffing and thinking I'm the most whipped romantic but how can
anyone live their whole lives without having one tiny moment that can arrest you completely and unequivocally make you feel nothing but pleasure?

I don't deny the fact that I've been caught in the net of love. It hurts, I must admit. It hurts to the extent that you might feel that you heart should and could never feel love again. But there's no denying that the pleasure you feel from loving someone can sometimes overcome that hurt.

Love doesn't have to be reciprocated by the other party for you to feel the joy.

Love doesn't have to be about seeing fireworks, hearing violins or running through a field under a bright sun and with a breezy wind.

Love can be about feeling motivated or building up previously unknown courage or maximising your feelings and emotions.

This all might soung too mushy but don't you feel that when you are involved in a relationship or...even when you have a passing glance at "that" person?

Huh...maybe all this stemmed from the various heartbreaks I've experienced. But trust me on this bit. The previous heartbreak you feel will build up your passion with the person you spend your life with. The one who loves you as much as you love them...

How about THAT huh folks?
I'm surprised myself.
I seriously don't remember that I wrote this!

Ah well.

I have plenty of other stuff I wrote from before...maybe I'll post them up. Poems, short stories...whatnot.

That's it for now. It's 4 23 am GMT +8 here in Singapore.

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