February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day After Special

Hello hello dear readers (beating own drum as always)

YESTERDAY was Valentine's Day. A day of celebration. A day of love. A day for couples all over the world to rejoice and renew their love for each other.

And I felt like regurgitating all the sushi I ate yesterday due to the nauseating public displays of disgusting lust. PDA is one thing, like hand holding and discreet kisses here and there but I see teenagers (I still AM one but I've gone past THIS stage), kids who I could have been babysitting in the past (!!) kissing in the middle of the pavillion, feeling each other up in the theater (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans brought in more couples than singles) and (blegh) hand holding in a restaurant? REALLY??


I know I sound jaded but let me tell you; I've never been in a relationship. Ever. And now I hear all the: "Aw come on. You've NEVER been in a relationship. WHAT do you even KNOW about Valentine's Day??!!"

1. I KNOW it's the most commercialised holiday and so yeah good for all the gift shops around the world and all but really. If you're actually willing to spend over a hundred dollars on one person for one day...what the feck??

2. St. Valentine was a priest in the Roman Days and he was persecuted for marrying and pairing couples. So Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate a death? The fact that he died because of making people fall in love is NOT a justification for celebrating a death okay?

3. It's a day for the celebration of love. So...does this mean for the rest of the 364 days of the whole year, you don't show the person you supposedly love that you love 'em?


It's just so nauseating to look right and left and see adolescents macking with each other IN PUBLIC.

I am done. :D


  1. SUSHI!!!! heheh
    oh abt this st valentine's... apparently, he also fought in the crusade which, as we all know, KILLED MANY MANY MUSLIMS.....
    the sushi monster has spoken