September 27, 2010

Squeeee I'm writing again!

Who knew Liam Neeson could be oh so delicious?

After watching "The A-Team", my view of Bradley Cooper got that much higher. Truth be told, I used to think he was better at being a complete jerk. But movie after movie, Bradley Cooper just becomes better and better. He's played a conniving best friend, a comedic side kick, a backstabbing husband and to add to all this, a very...very hot "Ranger" in the remake of a TV series that I admittedly have never even heard of >.<

Of course, I didn't watch the movie just because it had FOUR billed actors on it [not including a cameo by Jon Hamm]...okay well maybe I did [who knew cutesy Patrick Wilson was funny??] but by the end of the movie, I just couldn't care less about the actors, all I wanted was for Murdock, Face, BA and Hannibal to get out of that damned truck alive.

The lines were so damn funny. I especially liked it when Hannibal says: "Cash don't buy guts kid. On you're short on both." And I liked the camaraderie between Murdock and BA with the former's coconut curry tapenade being the one thing that soothes the savage beast. Oh, with the toast points, of course. We can't forget the toast points. With Hannibal and Face, their almost father son vibe though touched lightly was pretty cute. Patrick Wilson played his role pretty neatly. He had a sort of petulant psychotic thing going for him and it made for great comedy that dude.

I love the execution of the plans from saving Face in Mexico, to the chopper escape, to the money plate heist in Baghdad and right down to exposing Lynch/Burris. And how can I forget the kiss and the key transfer? I liked that one very very much.

Hats off to director Joe Carnahan and to him I say you planned well and "I love it when a plan comes together."

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