April 7, 2009

Plaza Singapura

Belated post. Bear with the length. I'm feeling very photographic today.

Monday started pretty slow. Woke up late, had to catch a cab and almost fell off the seat even with the belt on.
Got to class, was slightly late but not late enough to get the 'absent' tick, Alhamdulillah. Jeet told me a horrifying story about herself, which I was completely surprised at. JEET'S BLARDY AWESOME!! Guys are just heartless.

Then we had our first joint lunch so that was a bonus. Who was there...Okay at the top of my head: James, Gerard (!! was quite surprised that the guys joined) Fatima, myself, Jeet, Amala and Viki (she didn't talk so I dunno if she was really there or not :p). It was such an awesome group of people and we talked about a LOT of things and a few mishaps happened which I don't wish to mention (us girls know what happened, right?) then classes continued and it was time to stay back for our AMP project.

Hema, Gerard, Amala, Fatima and myself came up with the brilliant idea of going to Plaza Singapura for pasta and project supplies. And while we think of waiting for the shuttle, someone offered the brilliant idea of taking the bus and this is what happened while waiting for the shuttle.

Gerard: Are we taking the train or the bus? Coz I'm more of a bus guy.
Hema: Huh? You're a bus driver?

My dearest Bubu had problems with her hearing but very good lah. My Bubu is my source of entertainment. No, my dear Bubu...I'm laughing WITH you...not AT you.

First eye-opening account happened when we were in bus 93, heading to HarbourFront. There was a blind man sitting in front of Gerard and he asked whether we were in the direction of Alexandra Hospital and none of us were sure so I just went to the bus driver and asked. Got the answer so went to the back again and told Gerard to tell the man that we were, in fact, going in that direction. So the girls and I started to talk about some inane stuff I've forgotten when Alexandra Hospital came into view and Gerard informed the blind man and he (blind man) started to get up with his stick and a plastic foldable chair. Gerard GOT OUT OF HIS SEAT. And I helped adjust the chair in his hand(trivial). Gerard slowly sent Mr Blind Man to the exit of the bus and waited until MBM was safely on the ground before going back to his seat.
The girls and I were thoroughly impressed by the eighteen year old boy so we clapped and giggled before talking obsessively about idiots on public transportation who don't help those in need of help and those few 'angels' who actually do. We swapped ghost stories and then we went to the train station.

Got on the train, got off the train, Amala then announced that Hugh Jackman will, indeed, be in his birthday suit for a scene. And as we're going up the escalator, a certain anatomy was mentioned (that rhymes with hut) and Hema, from behind us ask this.

Hema: Huh? Who got a bike?

Cracked ALL of us up like HELL.

Then we arrived in Plaza Sing (YAY!!) and I was walking with Amala when I read this Carl's Jr ad.

"Some like it long. Others like it thick."



Amala and I cracked up.

Then what happened next...we got to PastaMania! (yes it has an exclamation mark there) finally and we had a whole two hours there talking about how OCD all of us are and how insanely crazy some of us are interpreting our family members' behaviour when we're being OCD and all that.

Eye-opening account number two happened when Hema sneaked in a few bites of her chocolate roll when it was clearly stated (we emphasised on it because it was a good joke :p we're just cool like that) that outside food and drinks aren't allowed.

Gerard: Well you could just like treat it like a garlic bread.
Hema: Yeah! Very good! Garlic bread since when got chocolate.
Gerard: Well yeah you could just say it was VERY burnt garlic bread.


When we FINALLY finished with PastaMania! we went to the main purpose of our visit to Plaza Sing. *Name of shop and product shall be blotted for personal purposes. Will be revealed once AMP assignment is done and...PICTURES SHALL BE NEEDED!! (goes in search of damn camera)*
We oohed and aahed went all giggly crazy and blardy loud in that tiny shop and argued over felt white and grey (both went into the shopping bag) should we cut it in half? (horizontal or vertical? WE HAVE CUTTERS!!) elegance? or meaningful? (we should totally be boring with this whole thing. it would work. no one else would do it :p one in a million arrogance??!!)
We did NOT got over our budget because we got EXTRA (that should NOT have been bought but it went into the shopping bag ANYWAY! (membership card! call if you want to come back here weyyyy. we share card!)

Then was time to go home and on train I see this:

"You may be sitting on something thick."

and this

"Open as wide as you can and say: "Ah..."

and this

"Be careful where you shove this thing."

this one was new

"You'll need a wider mouth or a wider door."

and my personal favorite

"So thick it will tear something in you."

I know...they're smart! Who comes up with all this shiznit, you wonder yeah??

*Timeframe sped up. End of religious class*

Went to Raimah for late very later supper and ma commented on how animated I was. I told ma and pa everything that's been happening in school.
I concluded the day with the fact that I'm OCD, random, controlling, a perfectionist, a hypocrite and an irony. Phew.
Proceeded to clean the room* and it smelled good then stayed online with PSSR, AMP and PI as constant companions. Alongside adorable Jo, TOFU Jing Wen, Bubu Hema, Chipper Chip, Rocking Rick, Awesome Ar and FINALLY Mr C. gets online and we talk for two hours.
I told him about a few things that happened and he was as always very attentive and damn it he lived up to his pseudonym DAMN EFFING WELL. He's an unbelievable individual, Mr. C is. Smitten I am.
And it's damn sad that everytime his name comes up on the bottom right hand corner of the screen saying "Mr. C is online.", it gets me every. single. time.
Ahh...he's finally broken me down to mere rubble. The guy has got class doing it too.
So yes...no doubt will this go away..nope.

Picture time!!

Went to Subway and Famous Amos to get cookies. Soft, chewy goodness in a bite.
Nice...Butterscotch and Pecans, chocolate chip and peanut butter. I finished peanut butter because so effing good.

Huge subway cookies. Will never be forgotten

And the butterscotch. Hmmm