March 23, 2009

The Decline in Common Courtesy ala Singaporeans

The other day I was in the MRT and was standing (as usual) at the door since Singaporeans apparently like to sit down on public transportations. Anywho!
There was this group of boys no older than 13 (maybe lah I dono) so they were kinda separated when they sat down but they were all on the same bench. One of them was sitting on the priority seat and it took him a little less than a minute to turn around and find the priority seat label thingie with the pregnant lady stick figure (with a huge bump), an old person stick figure (with a cane) and a man stick figure (with a little boy stick figure on his lap) and he got up, looked for the nearest senior citizen-y person and offered up his seat. Although the senior citizen-y man refused (politely, I might add), the lil boy didn't sit again, he just stood in front of his friends and started talking animatedly with them.


How sweet is THAT??
I don't ever expect young adults or kids or tweens (whatever lah they're called) to give up their seats especially in thsi day and age and here's a kid no older than 14 or 13 actually realising that he's sitting at a priority seat and giving up his seat. Some people just pretend to sleep or pretend to massage their leg or whatever instead of giving their seats up.

My lecturer was ten months pregnant (once) and she went on the MRT but NO ONE gave up their seats for her.
My sister-in-law experienced this lack of common decency more than twice. Twice while she was pregnant and a few times when she had my niece and nephew with her. How twistedly incorrigible are Singaporeans these days, yes? Yes?


And once, I had to endure half an hour of this elderly woman (race not identified due to risk of being called a racist) lecturing the young lady beside her about youngester with no decency to give up their seats. Apparently according to her, only foreigners (like the dude sitting in front of her, she pointed out) would ever give their seats up. Funny thing, lady. I gave my seat up three times prior to that lecture. I don't mean to boast or pretend to be modest or whatnot. I was just giving up facts. But can you imagine how irksome I felt when I had to listen to THAT KIND OF CRAP? Generalization theories only work when you've experienced it a MULTITUDE OF TIMES with ALL AGE GROUPS. Singapore is NOT THAT SMALL lady. You'd be surprised by how many well-mannered teenagers there are in Singapore. You'd be surprised by how many peaceful scarf wearing people there are in Singapore (who don't have bombs hidden under their veils, mind you). You'd be surprised by how many excellent female drivers there are in Singapore. You just have to open your eyes and not judge anyone based on a few experiences you've gone through with certain people.


*Breathe in breathe out*


School's been great. I love being in class for EVERY class :D How nerdy and geeky of me but never mind. I like being and sounding geeky and nerdy.

So t-t-t-t-t-hat's all folks!