February 6, 2009

I am normal. It's everybody else who's random

What's been happening in the past few weeks in my life?

I know you didn't ask but this IS my blog so I shall write as though I have readers who actually care :D Indulge me, fellow bloggers.

The skin on my hand is peeling and/or pruning because of the dishes I wash, the heel of my feet is hardening because of how much I move about the house with a mop or a broom, and I'm beginning to smell like Dettol and powder detergent and baby liquid softener with all the clothes I've been washing and hanging. I'm glad to announce that the flab on my arms have hardened because of all the bamboo poles I hold up against the hard winds that have come to Singapore completely unannounced. Grateful, I am. *nods* :D

Lately, whenever I sleep, I need my comforter because of how cold I'm beginning to feel. I don't use the air conditioner anymore (I used to switch it on so much my dad got angry with me, telling me about the bill 'melambung'ing:D).

I've sent in my application form (FINALLY) for a diploma in Psychology at MDIS where apparently a SUPASTAAAAH (Abang Din's longtime friend Abang Faizal) is currently studying in. I'll be in the presence of 'star' light. Nyahahha! And I'll be furthering the diploma into a degree in Psych while I go for an Arabic course in MEDIU so that I'll get the best of both of worlds if God forbid, something happens in the future.

I've figured out that I'm completely unprepared to have a family of my own. I'm incapable to make an easy decision let alone be in a situation where the decisions I make will effect not only me but people who might depend on me in a lot of aspects. And of course. I can't even cook.

And I find these words very...well, judge it for yourselves:

Love, what metal are you made of? You must be from some scheming star Love, you're wicked and heavenly You set me free Then you lock the door I can't go back and I can't go forward You got me wrapped around your finger Tie a rope around me Ready, aim, and pull the trigger Love, you push me and say I've fallen It's your fault really If I'm a fool This train don't stop and it don't go nowhere You got me wrapped around your finger

Someone commented on a previous entry about boycotting. He (she) said something along the lines of: "Why continue to let our beloved Palestinians suffer just because we can't control our own desires?"
I find that it hurt me a lot that someone would say something like that when it's not what was taught by our Prophet. I just feel so sad that some of my fellow Muslims feel as though doing more than what our beloved Prophet has taught us is better in the long run.
Ah well.

I'll share with you some of the few random things about me:

1. Cookshows make me want to be Susie Homemaker.
2. Whenever I see young parents with their kids, I feel so envious.
3. I feel that the mess in my room is livable while I can't see mess outside of it. :D
4. I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. And I really hope my sister in law and I will achieve our goal. Jiayo, kak Sofiah!
5. I found out that I have no ugly friends. They're either really pretty or damn handsome. And I get envious of their confidence. :D
6. Whenever I watch a ghost story with my sister in law, it's easy for me to make fun of it rather than be scared out of my wits.
7. I like doing these random things because I find that I'm random again!
8. The walls in my room have been massacred by my beloved niece and nephew and I couldn't be more happier because of it.
9. I love seaweed. Especially the Tom Yam flavoured one.
10. I completely miss these people
I guess this is all.

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