January 10, 2009

You Know What I Hate?

Recently, my eyes were opened to the fact that Malay people are judged by what they watch, what they listen to...and so on.
I believe that being proud of your ethnicity is all fine and dandy but you can't pinpoint as to WHAT makes you a Malay, an Indian, a Chinese, a Eurasian, an American, a Latino, a Filipino...etc. You are what you are
I am proud to be called a Malay for one thing and one thing only. If you're Malay, people automatically assume you're Muslim. Yeah I know, it's weird since not all Malays are Muslims but the fact that people will automatically assume you're a Muslim is something to be proud of. Muslims have a long line of accomplishments that we can be proud of. None of them evident in the modern world but us Muslims, we know what the people before us have done to make us proud of who we are.
Now don't get me wrong, Malays are known for a lot of good things. In Singapore, Yusuf Ishak was the first 'father' of Singapore; he's Singapore's answer to Abe Lincoln and the other presidents on the American notes. The fact is, his face has been on our notes for longer than any other presidents in the world combined. (I'm exaggerating but who cares)
In other things, Malays make the best food ever. Fattening and oily, yes but oh so good.
And some other stuff I can't think of right now, but yeah okay...Malays are okay.
I'm straying off topic as always but really. It irks me that people can actually say: "Kau bukan melayu sebab kau tak tengok drama Melayu, tak dengar lagu melayu, tak tau artis Melayu...WHATever." (You're not Malay if you don't watch Malay drama, don't listen to Malay songs, don't know Malay artists) It doesn't make me English by watching their shows, listening to their music or know the stars! It is just MY CHOICE to like stuff (ie music, movies, food, stars) that are English! Is it really THAT BAD?!
At least I'm not gallivanting around with piercings all over my body, dye in my hair, clothes that hug my body like second skin like those other mats and minahs who say that they're PROUD TO BE MALAYS. Suck on this you losers.
I guess all I'm trying to say is that I hate stereotypes. I hate it so much it just makes me so ANGRY! Why can't people like other people as they are, with all their quirks and flaws?
Why can't Malay people accept other Malay people who can speak fluent non-Malay languages?
Why can't Malay people just accept other Malay people who dislike Malay songs or dramas or know the artists?
Why is it so hard to just BITE YOUR TONGUE when you hear: "Oh I don't listen to Malay radio because I JUST DON'T LIKE IT." rather than say "Kau bukan orang Melayu ke? Kau anak mat salleh eh?? Macam kacang lupekan kulit" (Aren't you Malay? Are you English? As though you have forgotten where you came from) or whatever comments you have pertaining to said sentence.
It's just unfair to me that all my life, I've lived with loving English. I was raised in an English speaking home, English speaking environment and now I'm being condemned because of it.
For your information, I DO know who Siti Nurhaliza is. I HAVE watched Cinta Fotokopi (didn't enjoy it but that's beside the point). I DO know which channel Radio Warna is on. Get off my back.
Feel free to comment. Want to flag this blog? Be my guest.
I'll just make a new one.

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