May 1, 2009

Oy Ve

Something wicked happened today
Made me itchy all the way
Every night and every day
Itchy scratchy itchy scratchy hell will pay!!


  1. heard some things...
    they all suck...
    chin up yarh... you're too good for all that shit

  2. Thanks loads kak. Although this post is about something else. Appreciate the gesture though, really *hugs*

  3. ahh... so many things goin on in ur life & i cant keep track of them all!! cant wait til the end of the year... then i will gladly lend u my ears & shoulders whenever u need them!
    in the meantime email la... or sms...

  4. The post is about something fanastic! hehe. What? I've restrained myself for this long, be thankful for that!

  5. well, well... who is this mr c i wonder...
    haiya whoever u are i hv to say im terribly jealous u know more abt my sister's life than i do...

  6. Mr C is a figment of my imagination kak.
    Ignore him coz he's got NOTHING on you :p
    You know me better than alot of other Mr Cs put together!!
    Love you, kaks!

  7. Yeah, I'm just a figment of her imagination. In fact, you're not even reading this's all a dream.

    By the way, early Happy Birthday!