January 2, 2009

Thereby Rising from the Ashes

Countdown to being 20 : 4 month 4 days

Date : 2 January 2009

Venue: On the bed in the room

My very first post for the new year. I stand before the web a brand new me...sort of.

Being a sheep, I would like to start this first posting and new year with a resolution. Several resolutions in fact (although studies have shown that depression is rampant while said resolutions are being made).

1. By the end of this year, I want to be able to behind the wheel of a car, driving 90 km/h on the highway with ease.

2. By the end of this year, I'd have at least been able to pass through one semester of college.

3. By the end of this year, I want to at least finish one decent story.

4. Make the kids love me enough to be able to not cry out for their mothers whenever they're around me.

5. Dare I say . . . a prospect . . . a proposal *sighs while poking forefingers against each other*

6. Be confident (this being the same as stop being such a wussy crybaby).

7. Although the damage is irreparable, don't poke the flames any more than it has already been poked.

8. Acquire a stable job (read: produce moolah and lots of it)

And that is as far as I could go.

8 things to do before this year expires...shouldn't be hard. :D

Ah yes...with this, my new blog's arrival commences.

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