March 8, 2009

Because I Have No Life

Things I am loving about my life

For the sake of updating my blog to make it not dead, I've decided to put up a post about the things (events, etc) that are making my life some kind of wonderful :D

I know I know. Certain people who know me must be rolling their eyes right about now. ME? School? Like? In the same sentence?? Puh-leeze.
But truthfully, me love MDIS long time. Or specifically Dr Fong, Ms Kaveri and Dr Shareef.

2. My home
-.- weirded out? So am I. What I love about my home is not the building lah dodol (then why didn't you just say, badut?). It's the people who live in it. Their beautiful strength, patience (and I'm beginning to sound mushy) sympathetic and empathetic's just totally inspiring. I have to learn to appreciate these people more than I show it. And you all should know that my dears..."this too shall pass" (Falling or Flying {Grace Potter and The Nocturnals})

3. This situation
Somehow, I find that the situation all my family members and myself are in right now are bonding us in ways that I never thought was possible. Tis true what Allah had said: There will always be wisdom behind every event. I shall see us bonding as the wisdom behind this event.

4. The future
A lot of things are going to happen to me all at once in the near future (Insya Allah may all of us live long enough to see tomorrow. :D Amin) One penghijrahan (if that is even a word), a marriage (ehem2 ahhaha surprise surprise), a certain sense of freedom and hopefully the biggest of all my graduation from MDIS with a diploma in my hand (AMIN!)

5. A routine
I KNOW! I finally have a health routine! It might start out measly (once a week) but soon (I hope REALLY soon!) it's going to be escalating. I CAN'T wait!

6. Facebook
Haha! I'm only saying this because it's due to Facebook that I've gotten in touch with old friends...friends I never thought I would ever talk to ever again...ones I have missed. I really hope we can continue to keep in touch!

7. American Idol Season 8
Superficial I know but I can't help it. Anoop Desai and Danny Gokey? REALLY? Danny's gonna DIE out there!! But as far as he's there...I'm watching it. I LOVE DANNY!!!

8. I think I've run out of things...because I can never think too far off (and some may say I can never think. Period. :p)

I guess this is all.
To all who are reading this, be patient with my craziness.
You know you love me, people :p!

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  1. i hope im part of your life; and also the part of ur life that u love too nunu>_<

    You know i love you big big big time!XD Like from the tip of my toes to the tips of my fingers when i jump up up up high when i fly kites! (which is when i do my highest jumps!:D)