February 27, 2009

You want my raisins?

Dear Dr Fong

I truly am in awe of you.

"I assure y'all that you won't ever forget any of my lessons"
- Dr Fong

True true. Though the words are gone from my mind (my memory's for shit so...) the fact that I can still remember the stuff that happened. The discussion we had about that stupid lady, the raisins, the sperm production, the doggie pants, the heart shaped Intent and your "wah excellent".

I hope I don't sound like a love sick puppy when I write all this because I sure am not. I just admire his freshness and his hilarity and his oh so MACHOness :p. No offense lor, Chris!!

And to Gerard (I know you're not reading this, I just need to make a public apology) It's against my religion to be touching those of the opposite sex. IT'S NOT JUST YOU! And to Shuba (Shuva? I'm sorry) thank you for mentioning my pipi telor! :D You made my day lah!

Farah (Jannah? ahakz!) thanks for sitting with me during break. You're the first!
Theresa you truly DO live up to your nickname (Mother Theresa)

I'M SO MUSHY! Ta'pe ta'pe. For good reason.

Okay I know I didn't update this blog on my first day in college so this is the condensed version of the three days.

First day, Bill's day. Thai from Thailand (SHOCKING!) So lembut suare one! How to hear? And your jokes, although it sounds funny to you...I don't get lor. Sorry sorry. Oh yeah...He Who Must Not Be Named walked me to class. :D

Second day, Ms K! A living testament that teachers CAN rock the classroom. Our table arrangement is coolio.

Third day, CHRIS I LOVE YOU!! First real interaction with other people besides myself. Theresa, Shuva (Shuba?), Farah (Jannah?), Gerard, Ching Wen (Aiyo so bad with names larh!!)you guys sure are coolness!

So yeah condensed version done.

Just finished first assignment for Ms K's class. And now...looking for nasi briyani recipe for Kakak's arrival.


  1. alah cayang... enjoying skool r we? *hugs & kisses*
    make sure u make the bryani!!!

  2. I shall...but I think I'll just ask an expert (MAK NGAH!!!) for the recipe
    yum yum