February 20, 2009

Ezra, my imaginary heterosexual/bisexual/homosexual/asexual/pansexual life partner

Yes I have nothing to do at 6 24 am in the morning.

And yes I have nothing else to do than update my dead blog which NO one reads anyway. (( I wonder whether I should get those counter tickers which count the visitors for this blog. ))

I just finished reading this person's blog and said person is a very adorable person. Like tak boleh tahan punye comel!!

Said person (( let's just give said person a name. Ezra. :D It's neither feminine nor masculine. My daughter's name would be Ezra )) Ezra comes off as such a gentleman/lady yet he/she cusses like nobody’s business.
Ezra is younger than me just by a year but Ezra’s personality like completely jauh dari me. Bukan lah nak kate Ezra ni immature ke ape...I’m in no way any mature than the next person liao. Tapi die bukan lah mature pon. Ezra is just flacken adorable!
There was a post that Ezra posted up about something or other (( i won’t mention the subject for fear of Ezra actually reading this. Which is highly unlikely but i aint gonna take that risk )) which completely spoke to me in volumes, i tells ya. It freaked me out but somehow... :D Ezra ni lagi muda dari me and Ezra might be...well...haha! Never mind
I know what I’m saying makes no sense but Ezra ni...die betul buat my mind tak keharuan (( cheh cheh!! )) Ezra is blowing my mind off its kilter! More so than usual lagi pulak tu!
Harap-harap whoever gets Ezra to be their partner memang appreciate die sebab ku sangat2 appreciate Ezra in the long run.
Maybe this is just my subconscious telling me that I want a little person to call mine own.
Anyone want to marry me?
Call me, email me, text me.
I want a baby like completely asap.


  1. weh... amende ko bobal ni?!?!
    nak tuli, tulis la btol2!! x nk tulis boleh belah la!!!
    seriously lil one... lu kong simi?

  2. nyehehehe
    that was all just a build up to that very last sentence